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Today, on the last Monday of Shrawan, devotees flock to Shivalayala

Today is the last Monday in Shrawan. Devotees who have been worshiping Shiva by doing brat every Monday in the month of shrawan have ended their fast on the last Monday.

After the doors of the temple were closed due to the corona infection, some devotees worshiped outside the temple. Shrawan is considered by Hindus to be the beloved month of Lord Shiva. Monday is considered special in that too.

Devotees perform Shivaradhana on this day by fasting, worshiping, giving alms etc. Visitors flock to Shivalayas across the country including Pashupatinath in Kathmandu, Doleshwor in Bhaktapur, Kumbheshwar in Lalitpur, Halesi in Khotang, Pindeshwar in Sunsari and Kapileshwar in Janakpur.

But this time around, the government decided to close all crowded places, including temples, to prevent the spread of the corona infection. Due to this, the crowds in the temples remained low. However, many devotees from outside had come to the temple to see the Lord.

According to the Pashupati Area Development Fund, very few people have visited the Pashupatinath temple, which is visited by thousands of devotees in shrawan alone.

Due to the closure of the famous temples, most of the devotees offered their devotion at home or in the local Shiva temples.

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