The original temple of Pashupatinath has been reopened for devotees.

The original temple of Pashupatinath has been reopened to devotees. from 5.30 am today after four and a half months. The Pashupatinath main temple was closed to devotees from April 26 to avoid the new variant of the corona.

Devotees have been flocking to the Pashupatinath temple since morning. The temple will be open only till 1 pm as the corona is not completely removed even though the risk is low, said Revathiraman Adhikari, administrative officer of the fund.

Devotees who want to visit the Pashupatinath temple must wear a mask. Only 25 devotees are allowed to enter the temple at a time. To enter the temple, devotees have to wait in line by maintaining a physical distance.

Arrangements have been made to enter the temple through one door and exit through the other. The special puja has not been opened from today, said Dr. Ghanshyam Khatiwada, executive director of Pashupati Development Fund.

He said that a meeting of the security committee has been held on Wednesday to open the temple from this morning. The fund has stated that all necessary preparations have been made for the devotees to visit the temple, which was opened after four and a half months.

The fund had apologized on Thursday for closing the temple for devotees for four and a half months. The Pashupatinath temple was closed to devotees for nine months even after the first corona epidemic entered Nepal in March 2076 BS.

The temple, which was closed on March 26, 2076 BS, was reopened from January 26, 2077 BS from 6 am to 1 pm. The special puja was started only on Mahashivaratri on March 10.

On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, the temple was opened full-time as usual from March 10 last year. Due to the Corona epidemic, the main Pashupatinath temple has been closed on the occasion of 2077 BS, 2078 BS, and Haritalika.

Along with Pashupatinath, temples including Guhyeshwari and Chandra Vinayak in the Pashupatinath area have also been opened for devotees from today, the fund said. Due to the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, devotees have been flocking to Chandra Binayak temple since morning.

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