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Rudrakshya is Lord Shiva’s Mahaprasad , know the big benefits of 01 to 14 Mukhi Rudrakshya

To get the blessings of Lord Shiva, often Shiva devotees wear Rudraksha around their neck, arm, etc. This divine seed is believed to have been made from the tears of Lord Shiva. Whoever wears it according to law and law, the blessings of Lord Shiva remain at all times and there is no fear of any known-unknown enemy, etc in life.

He or she is always protected from evil forces. Due to the auspicious effect of Rudraksha, he or she gets success in every field of life. After wearing the holy Rudraksha, he is saved from all kinds of mental and physical troubles. Let us know what are the benefits of wearing Rudraksha.

One Mukhi Rudraksha – One Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be Lord Shiva. By wearing this one becomes free from the great sins like ki’lling of Brahma. All his wishes are fulfilled.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha – By wearing this Rudraksha, sins are destroyed and a person remains happy throughout life.

Three Mukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is the form of fire. The one who wears it is as brilliant as fire.

Four Mukhi Rudraksha – The grace of Supreme Brahma remains on the wearer of this Rudraksha and he gets the benefit of learning.

Panchmukhi Rudraksha– This Rudraksha is easily available and is beneficial in all respects.

Six Mukhi Rudraksha – It is believed that Lord Kartikeya resides in this Rudraksha, which is considered very auspicious to wear in the right hand. It is the destroyer of enemies.

Saptamukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is believed to fulfill the desire for female happiness. Everyone is hypnotized by the person wearing it.

Ashtmukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is the form of Ganapati, wearing it gives various benefits and virtues.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha – By wearing this Rudraksha, the defects associated with the Navagrahas are removed and all kinds of success are achieved.

Dasmukhi Rudrakshya – The dasmukhi Rudraksha is very holy and holy. Wearing it gives protection from sin planets, ghost obstacles, etc. The person wearing it has no fear of any kind.

11Th faces Rudrakshya – Wearing this Rudraksha on the crest gives quick benefits. It is considered as the form of Rudra.

12Th faces Rudrakshya – Wearing this Rudraksha especially in the ears gives freedom from all kinds of diseases and pains.

13th Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is considered very holy and miraculous. Wearing it, all the wishes of a person are fulfilled soon.

14Th face Rudrakshya – Wearing this Rudraksha on the edge of the head has special significance. Lord Shiva is very pleased by wearing it.

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