A Sadhu has been assaulted with a khukuri in Pashupatinaath Area.

What actually happened?

A sadhu has been assaulted with a khukuri in the Pashupatinath sanctuary region. SP Sushil Rathore of the Metropolitan Police Office revealed to Reporter that a unidentified individual hit Santosh Baba with a khukuri and escaped on Monday morning.




Santosh Baba, 35, was strolling towards the latrine close to the Vishwarupa sanctuary. A man came and advised him, “Take out the merchandise.” The man tossed the khukuri after Santosh, who talked just Hindi, said ‘no’.

Santosh Baba, who was harmed in the Khukuri assault, is going through treatment at the Trauma Center. Metropolitan Police Circle Gaushala is examining the episode.

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