Sri Swasthani Vratakatha starts from today. Do you know the significance?

Know the importance of Swasthni Vratakatha.

Consistently from Poush Shukla Punirma to Magh Shukla Purnima, Sriswasthani Fasting is observed in each house. It is believed that if the story of Sriswasthani is told while fasting all the wishes of devotees are fulfilled. During this month, a major reasonable fair is held on the Shalinadi River in Sankhu. Vratalu cuts the nails of the hands and knees and wears clean garments. Vratalu gets water from the priest this evening, goes to bath in the stream Shalinadi on the morning of Poush Shukla Purnima.

Vratalu at Salinadi

In the early evening, Shiva Parvati is worshipped alongside Madhav Narayan and Swasthani Shravan is performed. It is referenced in the legend that Parvati got Mahadev’s better half by fasting in Swasthani and with the of approval of Mahadev for the salvation of the hopeless individuals on the planet, she went to Abyss, Hades and Matryalok to preach about Swasthani. The story of Swasthani was heard by every individual, gods, goddesses and each other divine beings. In Satya Yuga, it is referenced that Parvati, the girl of the Himalayas, satisfied her fantasy by fasting for a month in the wake of fasting for a month according to the counsel of Lord Vishnu to get Mahadev as Husband.

Snan at Slinadi

In the twelfth part of this Story, the greatness of Sriswasthani is depicted. It has been displayed through characters like Parvati, Goma and Nawaraj that assuming one discusses and pays attention to the account of Sriswasthani with adoration, the aggravation and sickness will be killed and the brain will arrive at the ideal state. There is likewise a sanctuary of Sriswasthani inside Tarini Bahal in Makhantol of the capital, Kathmandu. The icon with Shiva is referenced in the symbol post set up in the year 794 AD during the rule of King Pratap Malla.

Sri Swasthani

The ethical schooling is granted to the general public through characters like Daksha Prajapati and Chandravati, and nobody ought to be pleased or impolite in the country. Fans from various areas rush to the Shalini River for a month, where it is standard to quick and love the Swasthani. In the Kedar part of the Skanda Purana, it is referenced that the water will be unadulterated and clean in the Magh Mela after the Sun enters Capricorn.

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