What is Shiva Linga? Let’s remove all misunderstanding and know the fact with References.

Know in detail about Shiva Linga.


Reference 1) आकाशंलिंगमित्याहु: पृथ्वीतस्यपीठिका, आलयःसर्वदेवानांलयनार्लिंगमुच्यते।। It is said that sky is the lingam and Earth is it’s base or backbone. During time of destruction, the Earth,devtas etc are all submerged in this Lingam. Even devta’s created out of this Lingam. (Skandh puran)

Reference 2) इच्छाद्वेषप्रयत नसुखदुःखज्ञाना न्यात्मनो लिंगमिति – न्याय० अ ० १ । आ ० १ । सू ० १ ० Those who possess Wishes,feelings such as jealousy,anger,happiness, sorrow,knowledge are all living beings,possess Lingam which represents karma and Guna or virtues.

Shiva Linga

Reference 3) अपरस्मिन्नपरं युगपच्चिरं क्षिप्रमिति काललिङ्गानि । -वै०। अ ० २। आ ० २ । सू ० ६ Those in which the Apar,par,Var,Vilamb,kshipram and Shighra are present are said to be Kaal which again represents Lingam.

Reference 4) निष्क्रमणम् प्रवेशनमित्याकश स्य लिंगम् -वै०। अ ० २ । आ ० १ । सू ० २० Where there is possible for entry and exit,that is known as Aakaash Lingam or they possess the qualities of Aakaash or sky.

Reference 5) (Shiv puran) Because of its beauty,Lingam is supposed to be complete and clean both.Since Shiva is both nishkal and Nirakaar, therefore the base of his worship Is Lingam. It means that the Shivling is the symbol of Shiva being Nirakaar.

Ref 5

Reference 6) In Atharvaved, there is a reference of worship of pillar of fire. Over the time the same pillar came to be known as Shivling, which means Ishwar who is Nirakaar.

Reference 7) Here Linga is known to be Chinha(Sign/Symbol)not to be taken otherwise(see the ss👇) I will explain this in detail in my Upcoming book of Shiva. I will remove all the misconception related to Shiva Ling with Santan Scripture proofs. In Shivopasnank it is clearly mentioned one who thinks Ling as an obscene then he is Foolish without any knowledge and atheist (Nastik).

Ref 7

See what Yajurved and Sgiv puran says about Shiv ling meaning. It is Para-Brahma only:

Reference in Shivpuran


Credit: Anshul Pandey

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