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 February 1, 2022. Magh Krishnapaksha, New Moon date, 11:34 a.m. Shukla Pratipada. Shravan Nakshatra. Moon sign – Capricorn.
A New work will bring name and value. The sadhana done in the field of work will be perfect. Mihinet will easily reach the goal. Expected results will inspire. Different opportunities will follow and there will be an opportunity to lay the foundation for sustainable work. Friendships with officials will grow. There will be expected progress in business. Karma Yoga can also bring respect.
It’s time to dump her and move on. Sustainable benefits can be planned. Even if it does not benefit you, making a small effort will become social work. Beware of opportunists and pay attention to privacy. Compulsive situations can be confusing. Repeated attempts will become a chore. You have to wait for the time to come.
Unexpectedly weakening of the body may not be able to engage in the intended work. There will be sorrow when there are no helpers. Compulsion can be embarrassing. Normal work will cost money and labor. Breaking your privacy will get you into trouble. If allies are reluctant, others may take advantage of the weakness. Focus on exercise and diet for health.
Today will be a very fun and exciting day. Circumstances may lead to a new path. Even in new surroundings, new friends will be found. The bond of love will be strengthened. In terms of work, there may be opportunities for enjoyable travel. Friends and colleagues will accompany. The former dilemma will take a decisive turn. Items of physical convenience can be procured.
Even if you have to face some challenges, courage will lead you to the goal. Those who are jealous will fall behind themselves and Karmayoga will take the path of the future. Mihinet will succeed at work. Rights can be established by eliminating the problem. There is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for sustainable benefits. Diseases and enemies will be conquered. Even in the race of competition, victory will be easily achieved.
As the pace of work slows down, the returns will also be affected. The goal may not be reached by one’s own weakness. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Depending on others alone may not accomplish the purpose. Even if today’s day is not so fruitful for study, professional work will gain momentum. The well-wishers will be there to help with the problem. It will take some time to reap the rewards.
Failure to pursue opportunity will result in delays in practice. The habit of speaking out of tune can violate privacy. Don’t make special plans public immediately. Fear of losing work will haunt you. Problems in the partnership may lead to the dissolution of the previous agreement. Even those who are jealous of progress can hinder it. Please wait for the appropriate site to start a new plan.
Gathering the elders and allies in time will bring the expected benefits. If Karma Yoga takes a new turn, it will be possible to earn name, price and reward by performing hard work. There will be special benefits for industry and trade. There will be a fair reward for the deeds done. Mihinet can give name, price and reward. Enemies will be defeated and rivals will retreat.
Misinterpretation of speech is likely to hurt respect. Think carefully before you communicate. Even after labor, the expected value may not be achieved. Others may take advantage of your weaknesses. Even if you get a new responsibility, wait for the time to come. Wasteful spending can increase anxiety. There is time to fall behind at work.
Even if you follow different opportunities, you will fall behind as you will not be able to make a decision in time. Negligence of food will deteriorate health. Others will try to take advantage of their weaknesses. Beware of selfish people. Even if you play the lead role, you will be overshadowed. Even if you meet the separated relatives, the work may not be completed as the visitor will confuse you.
The Home expenses will increase and there will be shortage of money. There may be some delays at work. There may be situations where you have to stay away from yourself. You have to try again and again for the benefit. Believing in others can be deceptive. Contact with distant friends will increase.Possibility of relocation or travel. Attempts at opportunity may be in vain, beware.
When you try, you will achieve great things. If the work is stopped earlier, the responsibility may increase. Increased income will inspire. A good leap in trade can be made. There will also be benefits from partnership. Family needs may be met. There will be proper evaluation of labor. There will be special benefits from the use of accumulated funds. Sustainable benefits can begin.

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