Proposal to declare India a Hindu Nation passed by Prayagraj Dharmasansad.

India to be declared Hindu nation.

The Parliament of Religions held at the Brahmarshi Ashram in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, has passed a resolution declaring India a Hindu Nation. Such religious parliaments, which Hindu supremacist organizations have been organizing for the past few months, have become very controversial. However, a proposal to declare India a Hindu nation was passed in the last session of the same Parliament.

There has been a lot of controversy in recent times over such meetings of Hindu supremacist organizations calling for genocide of Muslims. Experts projecting the genocide of the Huthi rebels in Rwanda had predicted that the genocide of the same religion and its activities would soon lead to the genocide of Muslims in India based on the flexibility of the Modi government. This Dharmasansad is the latest version of Hindu extremism. The Dharma Parliament held in Prayagraj has said that 125 crore people of the country should declare India as a Hindu nation. Parliament has said that this movement will become bigger if this large population starts writing India as a Hindu nation from today.

Stating that the purpose of the conference was to make India a Hindu nation and to eliminate Islamic Jihad, the parliament said that the government would bow to the pressure of the people. The conference called for an end to the minority status granted to Muslims. In addition, a resolution was passed to end the acquisition of Hindu temples.

They demanded the release of two jailed religious leaders, Narasimhananda Giri Maharaj and Wasim Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi. They have demanded the unconditional release of both. Both the clerics were arrested by the police a few days ago. He had delivered a speech at a similar religious parliament in Haridwar, urging the Hindus to take up arms against the Muslim genocide.

He was arrested and jailed on charges of spreading communal hatred and calling for the massacre of a community. Religious leaders attending Prayagraj’s Sant Sammelan have accused the local administration of phoning the saints and preventing them from attending the event. They did not even organize a program in the name of religion parliament in Prayagraj. They have changed the name to ‘Sant Sammelan’ after the administration banned them from organizing programs under the name ‘Dharma Sansad’ after spreading communal hatred.

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