Kaal Bhairav

Who is Bhairav? Chant 108 name of Bhairav to remove fear and gain success in every field.

Know about Bhairav.

Bhairav means the one who removes fear and fills the world. It is also said that the three letters of the word Bhairav contain the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Bhairav is considered to be the gan of Shiva and the follower of Parvati, Bhairav is of great importance in Hindu deities.

Origin of Bhairav:

It is mentioned that Bhairav originated from the blood of Shiva. Later the said blood was divided into two parts – first Batuk Bhairav and second Kaal Bhairav. Mainly the worship of two Bhairavs is prevalent, one Kaal Bhairav and the other Batuk Bhairav. In the Puranas, Lord Bhairav is also known by the names Asitanga, Rudra, Chand, Krodha, Manmatta, Kapali, Bhishana and Sanhar. Bhairav, the fifth incarnation of Lord Shiva, is also called Bhairavnath. Their worship has special significance in the Nath sect.

In folk life, Lord Bhairav is known by the names Bhairu Maharaj, Bhairu Baba, Mama Bhairav, Nana Bhairav etc. These are the clan gods of many societies and the practice of worshiping them is also different, which is not a formal but part of the local tradition.

Sri Kalabhairava Ashtottara Shatanamavali:

  1. Om Bhairavaya Namah। 
  2. Om Bhutanathaya Namah।
  3. Om Bhutatmane Namah।
  4. Om Bhutabhavanaya Namah।
  5. Om Kshetrajnaya Namah। 
  6. Om Kshetrapalaya Namah।
  7. Om Kshetradaya Namah।
  8. Om Kshatriyaya Namah। 
  9. Om Viraje Namah। 
  10. Om Shmashanavasine Namah |
  11. Om Mansashine Namah। 
  12. Om Kharparashine Namah।
  13. Om Smarantakaya Namah।
  14. Om Raktapaya Namah।
  15. Om Panapaya Namah।
  16. Om Siddhaya Namah।
  17. Om Siddhidaya Namah।
  18. Om Siddhisevitaya Namah।
  19. Om Kankalaya Namah।
  20. Om Kalashamanaya Namah
  21. Om Kalakashthatanave Namah। 
  22. Om Kavaye Namah।
  23. Om Trinetraya Namah। 
  24. Om Bahunetraya Namah। 
  25. Om Pingalalochanaya Namah। 
  26. Om Shulapanaye Namah।
  27. Om Khadgapanaye Namah।
  28. Om Kankaline Namah।
  29. Om Dhumralochanaya Namah। 
  30. Om Abhirave Namah |
  31. Om Bhairavinathaya Namah।
  32. Om Bhutapaya Namah। 
  33. Om Yoginipataye Namah।
  34. Om Dhanadaya Namah। 
  35. Om Dhanaharine Namah। 
  36. Om Dhanavate Namah। 
  37. Om Pratibhanavate Namah। 
  38. Om Nagaharaya Namah। 
  39. Om Nagakeshaya Namah।
  40. Om Vyomakeshaya Namah |
  41. Om Kapalabhrite Namah।
  42. Om Kalaya Namah। 
  43. Om Kapalamaline Namah।
  44. Om Kamaniyaya Namah। 
  45. Om Kalanidhaye Namah। 
  46. Om Trilochanaya Namah। 
  47. Om Jvalannetraya Namah। 
  48. Om Trishikhine Namah।
  49. Om Trilokapaya Namah।
  50. Om Trinetratanayaya Namah 
  51. Om Dimbhaya Namah। 
  52. Om Shantaya Namah।
  53. Om Shantajanapriyaya Namah। 
  54. Om Batukaya Namah। 
  55. Om Bahuveshaya Namah।
  56. Om Khatvangavaradharakaya Namah।
  57. Om Bhutadhyakshaya Namah। 
  58. Om Pashupataye Namah। 
  59. Om Bhikshukaya Namah।
  60. Om Paricharakaya Namah ||
  61. Om Dhurtaya Namah।
  62. Om Digambaraya Namah। 
  63. Om Shaurine Namah।
  64. Om Harinaya Namah। 
  65. Om Pandulochanaya Namah।
  66. Om Prashantaya Namah।
  67. Om Shantidaya Namah। 
  68. Om Siddhaya Namah। 
  69. Om Shankarapriyabandhavaya Namah।
  70. Om Ashtamurtaye Namah || 
  71. Om Nidhishaya Namah। 
  72. Om Jnanachakshushe Namah।
  73. Om Tapomayaya Namah। 
  74. Om Ashtadharaya Namah। 
  75. Om Shadadharaya Namah। 
  76. Om Sarpayuktaya Namah।
  77. Om Shikhisakhye Namah
  78. Om Bhudharaya Namah।
  79. Om Bhudharadhishaya Namah।
  80. Om Bhupataye Namah
  81. Om Bhudharatmajaya Namah।
  82. Om Kankaladharine Namah।
  83. Om Mundine Namah। 
  84. Om Nagayajnopavitakaya Namah।
  85. Om Jrimbhanaya Namah।
  86. Om Mohanaya Namah। 
  87. Om Stambhine Namah। 
  88. Om Maranaya Namah। 
  89. Om Kshobhanaya Namah।
  90. Om Shuddhaya Namah |
  91. Om Nilanjanaprakhyaya Namah। 
  92. Om Daityaghne Namah। 
  93. Om Mundabhushitaya Namah। 
  94. Om Balibhuje Namah।
  95. Om Balibhunnathaya Namah।
  96. Om Balaya Namah। 
  97. Om Balaparakramaya Namah। 
  98. Om Sarvapattaranaya Namah। 
  99. Om Durgaya Namah। 
  100. Om Dushtabhutanishevitaya Namah |
  101. Om Kamine Namah।
  102. Om Kalanidhaye Namah।
  103. Om Kantaya Namah। 
  104. Om Kaminivashakridvashine Namah। 
  105. Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namah।
  106. Om Vaidyaya Namah।
  107. Om Prabhave Namah। 
  108. Om Vishnave Namah ||

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