Is there rebirth after death, know 10 secrets.

Know 10 secrets of rebirth.

One who is born will die, whether it is a human, an animal or a bird, everyone has to die. The age of the planets and constellations is also fixed and our Sun too. The concept of reincarnation is found only in the religions of India, whereas the religions of the West do not follow this principle. But the question is whether there is rebirth after death and what is rebirth after all.

1. Next birth in 30 seconds: According to the Upanishads, divide a moment into several parts, in less than that the soul leaves one body and immediately assumes another body. This is the shortest time period. The maximum duration is 30 seconds. But according to the Puranas, this time can be long as 3 days, 13 days, 45 days or 15 months. More than this, the soul which is not able to adopt a new body, wanders on the earth itself for liberation, goes to heaven, goes to Pitruloka or falls in the underworld and spends time.

2. Relation related to Pranavayu: The repeated breaking and formation of the soul holding the subtle body with the gross body is called rebirth. The answer is hidden in the answer of birth itself. In fact, the breaking of the connection of life between the subtle body and the gross body is death and its joining is rebirth.

3. Salvation Required: Karma and reincarnation are linked to each other. Reincarnation takes place only for the enjoyment of the fruits of karma and due to rebirth new karma is accumulated. Thus there are two purposes of rebirth- first, that man enjoys the fruits of the deeds of his births by which he becomes free from them. Second, that after gaining experience from these enjoyments, he takes measures to improve them in the new life, by which the soul, after taking birth again and again, progresses continuously towards development and in the end, after destroying life by all its actions, it attains the liberated state.

4. Caste of second birth: Everyone must be thinking that which yoni is found after rebirth. Birth is also called caste. For example: plant species, animal species, bird species and human race. The body which the soul attains according to the deeds is called its caste. If you have done good deeds, then at least one will not get a lower caste than a human. There is no guarantee if you have done bad deeds.

5. Research on Reincarnation: Gita Press Gorakhpur has also described many such incidents in one of its books ‘Parlok and Reincarnation’, which confirms rebirth. Vedamurti Taponishtha Pt. Shriram Sharma ‘Acharya’ has written a book, ‘Reincarnation: Ek Dhruva Truth.’ It has a good discussion about reincarnation. Those interested in reincarnation must read the above two books apart from Osho’s books like ‘Vigyan Bhairav Tantra’. Osho Rajneesh has given very good discourses on reincarnation. He has also told in detail about his own past lives. Similarly, research on this topic was done by Dr. Satwant Pasaria working as a Clinical Psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore. He gave this research the form of a book named- Claims of Reincarnation: Empirical Ste of Cases in India’. The book mentions 500 reincarnation incidents that have happened in India since 1973. On reincarnation in the modern era, Dr. Ian Stevenson, a scientist at the University of Virginia, USA, wrote a book ‘Reincarnation and Biology’ after researching this topic for 40 years, which is considered to be the most important research book.

6. The soul takes rebirth due to eight reasons:-

  1. By the command of the Lord: The Lord commands the souls of the mahatmas and divine men to take re-birth for some special purpose.
  2. When the merit is exhausted: Due to the effect of the virtuous deeds done in the world, the soul of the person enjoys happiness in heaven and as long as the effect of the virtuous deeds remains, that soul receives divine happiness. When the effect of virtuous deeds ends, he has to take birth again. 
  3. To enjoy virtuous fruits: Sometimes a person performs highly virtuous deeds and dies, then the soul is born again to enjoy the fruits of those virtuous deeds.
  4. To enjoy the fruits of sin.
  5. To take revenge: The soul takes rebirth to take revenge on someone. If a person is killed by deceit, fraud or any other kind of torture, then that soul must take rebirth.
  6. To repay the revenge.
  7. In case of premature death. 
  8. To complete the incomplete sadhna.

7. Know your past birth in this way:

This is called the use of caste remembrance. You must have read about it. When the mind becomes stable, that is, leaving the mind wandering, concentrates and stays still in the breath, then caste remembrance should be used. Continuing the meditation for the use of caste memory, whenever you go to bed, remember the events of your daily routine in reverse order with your eyes closed. Like what you were doing before sleeping, then what you were doing before that, then carry such memories till you wake up in the morning. Continuing the sequence of the routine, increase the ‘memory reverse’. Continuing the practice of remembering this caste with meditation, after a few months, where the memory power will increase, the door of knowing the past life with new experiences will also open. There is a detailed mention on the knowledge of caste remembrance in Jainism. Apart from this, apart from Ashtasiddhi, 40 types of Siddhis are described in Yoga. One of them is the previous birth knowledge siddhi yoga. By doing sadhna of this yoga, a person starts getting knowledge of all his next previous births. This sadhana is definitely difficult, but it is easy for a yoga practitioner. The previous birth can also be known through hypnosis.

8. Who goes where after death:

It is said in Yajurveda that after leaving the body, those who have done penance and meditation, they go to Brahmaloka, that is, they become Brahman. Devotees who do some good deeds go to heaven. Heaven means they become gods. Some phantoms who do demonic deeds keep wandering in the Yoni for eternity and some again take birth on earth. Even among those who are born, it is not necessary that they should be born in human yoni. There are many types of speed. It is a misfortune to go into a spirit.

9. Birth cycle: – According to the Puranas, the soul of a person is initially degraded and moves up and down in trees-plants, insects-moths, animals and birds, and finally it enters the human class. Man can attain a place in the Deva or Daitya class by his own efforts. After falling from there, he again falls into the human class. If by your actions you have lowered yourself from the level of human consciousness, you will again go into the vulva of a bird or an animal. This sequence continues. That is, the person goes on falling down or rising above the deeds.

10. Prarabdha Karma:-

This is the reason that a person gets life according to his deeds and he keeps on enjoying the fruits of his actions. This is the principle of karma fruit. The meaning of ‘Prarabdha’ is the good and bad deeds done in the past birth or in the past, the fruits of which are being enjoyed in the present. Specifically, it has two main distinctions that Sanchit Prarabdha, which is the result of the actions of previous births, and Kriyaman Prarabdha, which is the result of the actions performed in this birth.

Apart from this, there are also 3 minor differences named अनिच्छा प्रारब्ध, परेच्छा प्रारब्ध और स्वेच्छा प्रारब्ध. Some people give the name of luck and luck to the result of past birth deeds. It is necessary to understand the principle of past birth and karma.

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