What is Maghi Purnima? Perform these rituals today.

Know about Maghi Purnima.

Maghi Purnima~ This evening, on Shivling, mix sugar candy with raw milk, sesame (separately) and 11 lamps (of flour / clay) must be applied with sesame oil.

Offer milk argha even in running water (river) if possible. Grind the soaked rice under the open sky, make an octagon or any other square, install the moon in it, and light a lamp. And then offer Arghya to the moon with water mixed with milk and sugar candy. Offer intact white flowers, offer Kheer. Maghi Purnima is a great festival, these easy remedies for the moon will give you mental strength, increase your concentration and help you focus and you will get many other benefits unintentionally.

Worship Shiva Parvati for bitterness in relations due to family disputes/lack of mutual coordination. By offering rose perfume on Shivling, from today onwards do a garland of this mantra daily. “ॐ साम्बसदाशिवाय नमः” (Om sambasadasivaya namah). Apply 2 Akshat/Rice with Kumkum/Sandalwood on the forehead every morning in such a way that they remain engaged for the whole day.

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