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Did Lord Shiva eat meat? Know the story of Kannappa Nayanar offering meat to Lord Shiva.

Know the story of meat offering devotee to Lord Shiva.

Kannappa Nayanar Thimman, a famous archer, went hunting one day. In the forest he found a temple, which had a Shivling. Thimman was filled with a deep love for Shiva and he wanted to offer something there. But they did not understand how and in what method to do this work. He innocently offered the meat he had on the linga and went away happy that Shiva accepted his offering. The temple was looked after by a Brahmin who lived far away from that temple. Though he was a devotee of Shiva but he could not come this far to the temple daily so he used to come only once in fifteen days.

When the brahmin reached there the next day, he was astonished to see the flesh lying next to the linga. Thinking that it would be the work of some animal, he cleaned the temple, did his worship and left. The next day, Thiman brought more meat to offer. He was not aware of any worship text, so he sat down and started talking to Shiva about his heart. He started coming daily to offer meat. One day he felt that cleaning of the linga was necessary but he had no vessel to bring water. So he went to the spring and brought water in his mouth and poured the same water on the linga. When the Brahmin came back to the temple, he was filled with hatred after seeing flesh and spit on the linga in the temple. He knew that no animal could do such a thing. Only a human could do this. He cleaned the temple, recited mantras to purify the linga. Then went away after worshiping. But every time he came, he would find the linga in the same impure state. One day, filled with tears, he asked Shiva, “O God of gods, how can you tolerate such an insult to yourself.” Shiva replied, “What you consider an insult is an offering from another devotee. I am bound by his devotion and accept whatever he offers. If you want to see the depth of his devotion, go somewhere nearby and hide and see. He’s about to come.” The Brahmin hid behind a bush. Thiman came with meat and water. She was surprised to see that Shiva was not accepting her offerings as usual.

He wondered what sin he had committed. He looked closely at the linga and found that something was leaking from the right eye of the linga. He applied herbs to that eye so that it could be cured, but more blood started coming from it. Eventually, he decided to give his eye. He took out one of his knives, took out his right eye and placed it on the linga. The bleeding stopped and Thimman heaved a sigh of relief. But then he noticed that blood was also coming out of the left eye of the linga. He immediately took out a knife to remove his other eye, but then realized that he would not be able to see where to put that eye. So he put his foot on the linga and took out his eye. Seeing his immense devotion, Shiva appeared to Thimman. His eyesight returned and he bowed before Shiva. He was known as Kannappa Nayanar. Kanna means Nayanar means devotee of Shiva.

Who is Kannappa Naynar? know the shortly:

Kannappa Nayanar is a Tamil saint also known as Thinappan, Dinana, Kannappa, Tinappan, Dheera, Bhakta Kannappa, Thinan, Kannappan, Dinayya, Kannaiyya, Kannappan Nayanar or Nayanmar, Kannan, Bhakta Kannappan and Dhiran. He was born in a vyadha (hunter) family, to King Naga Vyadha and his wife in Udaipura (modern Vatukuru) near Sri Kalahasti [56>, present-day Uttukuru, Rajampet. 7>Andhra Pradesh. He is the ancestor of the modern Muthiyar community. His father was among his hunting community and a great gerent, a great Shaivite devotee Shri Kartikeya. He was given the name Dinna or Dheera by his parents, who are known today as Tamil-speaking Thinan or Dheeran respectively. His wife’s name was Neela.

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