Surya Dev

Do you worship Surya Dev every Sunday? Perform these rituals.

What to do or not to do to please Surya Dev?

The Suryadev has to be happy, so don’t forget to do this work on Sunday, otherwise you will always be upset!

Avoid these things on this day to avoid the displeasure of Surya Dev 

In Hinduism, Surya Dev has a place among Adi Panch Devas, whereas in astrology he is considered as the king of planets. While they are also considered to be the soul of the bird world. While a particular day is recognized for the worship of every deity, in relation to every fixed day it is believed that for this Weekly days (Sunday) day certain deity can be pleased soon. In this case, most of the people worship those special deities on the days fixed for the deities in the week. In these fixed days of the week, Monday is considered as the day of Lord Shiva. On the other hand, a special deity is worshiped every day from Tuesday to Sunday. There are some days when 2-3 or more deities are worshiped in one day.

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On the other hand, Sunday, as the name suggests (Ravi means Sun) is considered to be the day of the Sun God. In such a situation, Lord Surya Narayan i.e. Sun God is worshiped and worshiped on this day. In astrology, Sun has been considered as the factor of your progress, honor, respect etc. Whereas the reason for your humiliation is also believed to be Surya Dev Surya against you. In such a situation, it is forbidden to do some special works for this day, it is believed that if you want to please the Sun God, then avoid these things on this day, otherwise the Sun God gets angry.

What not to do on Sunday?

1: Salt should not be eaten on Sunday. According to the belief, this has a bad effect on the health of the person. Simultaneously, there are obstacles in the work.

2: Do not insult any poor, parents etc., even by forgetting on this day. Because it is believed that this one mistake made on this day can overshadow all the good deeds of a person.

3: The work of burning milk should not be done on Sunday.

4: One should not sleep till late on Sunday. It is believed that due to late rising on this day, the Sun becomes weak in the horoscope.

5: Things made of copper should not be sold on Sundays. Apart from copper, do not sell other metals or things related to the Sun on this day.

6: Do not travel in the west and west direction on this day. If it is necessary to travel in these directions, then on Sunday after eating porridge, ghee or betel leaves or before taking five steps back, go in this direction, because on this day the direction remains weak especially in the west.

7: Do not wear blue, black and gray clothes on this day. If possible, do not even wear shoes on this day.

8: One should lead a restrained life on Sunday and consuming meat and liquor on this day is also considered inauspicious. Along with this, consumption of substances related to Saturn is also considered inauspicious on this day.

9: Oil massage should also not be done on this day, the reason for this is that it is the day of the Sun and oil is a symbol of Shani.

10: People usually cut their hair on Sunday, but it is believed that the sun weakens by cutting hair on this day.

Do these things on Sunday:

1: On this day one should chant the mantra ‘Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah’ in the mind.

2: Sweet food should be eaten on this day.

3: It is believed that on this day red sandalwood or green sandalwood should be applied on the head.

4: If you plan your journey on this day, then keep in mind that it is auspicious to travel only in East, North and Agnikon on Sundays.

5: If a person wants to do Griha Pravesh with his family on Sunday, then this day is considered very good for this.

6: According to astrology, along with buying gold and copper on this day, wearing it is also considered auspicious.

7: If there is a lot of fighting in the house, then on this day take a toy like a red colored monkey, keep in mind that its hands are open, and keep it in such a place in the house where its back is towards the sun. It is believed that by doing this one gets happiness and peace in the house.

8: On this day, it is very good for the person to eat rice mixed with milk and jaggery.

9: On the other hand, it is believed that donating wheat and jaggery tied in a red cloth on this day gives benefits.

10: According to the belief, those who want to exalt the Sun in their horoscope, they should flow jaggery and rice in running water on this day.

11: Jaggery or sweets must be eaten before starting any new work on this day.

12: Apart from this, if the person wants to bring home any item related to fire or electricity, it is auspicious.

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