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Is Shani Dasha destroyed by the grace of Hanuman Ji? Know, How?

Story of Hanuman ji and Shani Dev:

Hanuman ji removed Shani Dev’s ego like this:

It is said about Shani Dev that he does not disturb Hanuman devotees. This is the reason why it is advised to worship Hanuman ji to avoid the sight of Shani. But have you ever thought that why Shani dev cannot muster up the courage to harass the Hanuman devotees?

According to Purana, Shani Dev has given a promise to Hanuman ji that he will never disturb his devotees. Let’s know about this story- The story of Hanuman ji and Shani Dev: Once Shani Dev has become very proud of his power. Shani Dev started feeling that there is no one stronger than him. It is only from his sight that upheaval starts in a person’s life. Shani Dev was crushed by this item and reached such a place where Hanuman ji was absorbed in the worship of his Lord Shri Ram. When the sight of Shani Dev fell on Hanuman ji: Seeing Hanuman ji immersed in the devotion of Lord Shri Ram, Shani Dev cast his curved gaze on him. But there was no effect.

Enraged by this, Shani Dev challenged Hanuman ji and said that oh monkey, who has come to see? Hanuman ji did not pay any attention to Shani Dev and remained absorbed in his devotion. Shani Dev made all efforts, but there was no effect on Hanuman ji, so the anger of Shani Dev reached the seventh heaven. In tension and anger, Shani Dev tried once again and said, O monkey, open your eyes. I Shani Dev has come to destroy your happiness and peace. There is no one in this world who can face me. Shani Dev believed that by doing this Hanuman ji would be frightened and would ask for forgiveness. But nothing of the sort happened. After making a lot of effort, Hanuman ji asked very easily that who are you, Maharaj? Hearing this, Shani Dev got more angry. Shani Dev said to Hanuman ji, right now I am going to enter your zodiac sign, then I will understand who I am. This time also Hanuman ji told Shani Dev that you should go somewhere else, and let him remember your Lord, do not disturb.

Hanuman ji taught such a lesson to Shani Dev: Shani Dev did not like this thing of Hanuman ji at all and was going to meditate, grabbed Hanuman ji’s arm and started pulling it towards him. Hanuman ji felt as if someone had put his arm on the burning coals. He immediately released his arm from the grip of Shani Dev with one stroke. After this, when Shani tried to hold his other arm in a formidable form, Hanuman ji got a little angry and wrapped Shani Dev in his tail. The ego and anger of Shani Dev did not subside even then. Shani Dev said to Hanuman ji, can you even your beloved Shri Ram can not spoil anything for me. On this Hanuman ji got very angry and wrapped in his tail, Shani Dev was tossed and rubbed on the trees on the mountains. Due to this the condition of Shani Dev worsened.

Shani Dev sought help from the gods: Shani Dev asked for help and asked to protect. But none of the gods came forward to help. In the end, Shani Dev realized his mistake and said, have mercy on Vanararaj. I got the fruit of my insolence. Forgive me. In future, I will also stay away from your shadow. Then Hanuman ji said that not only my shadow, but also my devotees will have to promise to stay away from the shadow. Shani Dev gave the same promise to Hanuman ji. That is why Shani Dev does not trouble Hanuman devotees.

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