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Why does Lord Shiva Wears Tiger Skin? Know the reason.

Know Why Shiva wears Tiger Skin.

This is the secret behind Lord Shiva wearing a tiger skin.

Since ages, we have been worshiping only one form of Lord Shiva, which is also mentioned in mythology. In the form of Lord Shiva we worship, we have often seen a serpent around his neck, the moon in his hair, the stream of the Ganges flowing through his hair, a damaru and a trishul in his hand. But have you ever wondered why Lord Shiva only wears the clothes of tiger skin or sits on it. The correct mention of this is found in mythological stories. What is the secret of wearing tiger skin?

According to mythology (Shiva Puran), once Lord Shiva had reached a forest while traveling the universe. Some sages and their families used to live here in the forest. Once Shiva was going naked towards the forest, when all the sages and their wives saw him in his condition. Seeing the shapely body of Shiva, the wives of the sages were fascinated by him, seeing which the sages became enraged. when Shiva was moving forward towards his path, he fell into a pit and left a tiger in that pit to kill him: Seeing their wives being attracted to Shiva, the sages were enraged, But they did not know that it was Lord Shiva who was walking naked. Then the sages began to look for ways to punish the naked. And they (Sages) planned to teach Shiva a lesson. The sages made a pit to teach a lesson to Lord Shiva. As soon as he came out of the pit, Lord Shiva wore the skin of a tiger: After a while, when Lord Shiva came out of the pit, all the sages saw that Lord Shiva was wearing a tiger skin to cover his body, which all the sages were surprised to see and they thought that they had seen that tiger killed.

Seeing this, all the sages realized that they are not ordinary human beings. Since then Lord Shankar has been wearing the clothes of tiger skin and he also resides on it. सर्वदेवात्मको रुद्र: सर्वे देवा: शिवात्मका:। रुद्रात्प्रवर्तते बीजं बीजयोनिर्जनार्दन:।। यो रुद्र: स स्वयं ब्रह्मा यो ब्रह्मा स हुताशन:। ब्रह्मविष्णुमयो रुद्र अग्नीषोमात्मकं जगत्।। Meaning: Rudra is Brahma, Vishnu. Yes, all the deities are Rudransha and everything is originated from Rudra. Rudra is the divine form and he is the Swayambhu. That is, Shiva is Brahma, Brahma is Shiva, Shiva is Bishnu and Bishnu is Shiva. He has been known by various names for the creation, maintenance and destruction of this world.

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