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Do you know Why Maiya Yashoda did not allow Shiv Ji to see Baby Krishna?

Know Why Yashoda did not allow Shiv Ji to see Baby Krishna.

At the time when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shree Krishna, Shiv Ji went all the way from Kailash to the Plains to see him as a baby.

“I am a simple mendicant, came from far, very far indeed, to have a Darshan of your child” Shiv Ji implored Maa Yashoda. But Yashoda Ji backed off , alarmed at the yogi’s words. “Take what you want!” she exhorted. “Look! Pearls, gold, jewellery all are here, take what you want but you cannot see baby Krishna.”

“Of what use are these things to a mendicant?” Shiv ji replied wistfully. “These things are of no use at all in the forests. Please let me have one glimpse of Baby Krishna.”

“Not at all! Go away, please, I say!” Yashoda Ji’s voice had assumed a slightly aggressive tone.

Shiv Ji was about to turn to go back, when an old lady emerged virtually out of nowhere and cried, “Oho Yashoda! you silly girl! Do you know this is a great benefaction for your baby? To be blessed by this Baba from the mountains is a huge boon!”

Yashoda bowed to the old lady. Apparently she had great respect for her. Then, taking the baby Krishna from Yashoda’s protective arms, the old woman raised Him high onto Shiv Ji’s chest. Shiv ji looked ever so longingly at Krishna and then said with a loud and very authoritative voice, “Yashasvi bhavah, Premasya bhavah, Tvam Ishwar asi.” (Be famous, be loved, you are God) “

So who are you?” Yashoda ji asked with surprise .

“I am Shiv, from Kailash,” He replied.

Yashoda ji was electrified on hearing the name ‘Shiv’ from Shiva’s own lips. She fell to the ground in prostration at His feet and lying on the ground she gently folded Krishna’s tiny hands into a salutation to Shiv, along with her own. “Oh Prabhu, we are blessed. Sorry for not having recognized you. Forgive my ignorance. Not knowing the one who I worship, The One whom I have dreamed to sight just once. Truly I am a foolish woman clouded by motherhood.”

“No,mother!”said Shiva gently, raising Yashoda up again. “It is not like that. Motherhood is the greatest divinity of all. It is not clouded, it is the highest form of creation and thus protection. U did right.”

Om Namah Shivay

Source- SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller

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