Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Idol found in Nepalgunj Of Nepal

A silver idol of Lord Shiva has been found while digging a canal in Nepalgunj of Banke district.

State Police Office of Tulsipur Dang’s Police Spokesperson SP Raj Kumar Baidwar informed that While digging a garbage drain at Gaganganj, a silver idol of Lord Shiva weighing 6/7 kg was found in Nepalgunj (Banke District) Of Nepal.

Jamun Khan, ward chairman of Nepalgunj 7, said that the idol was found by four children in a ditch dug by a dozer.

“After four children found the statue in a ditch dug by a dozer, there was an uproar in the toll plaza,” said Chairman Khan. They informed me about the incident and I informed the mayor of the city. Afterwards we took those idols to safe place, Khan continued.

After hiring some local goldsmiths to check the metal of the idol, many claimed that the idol was made of silver.

“Most of the people have claimed that the idol of Lord Shiva is made of silver and some have said that it is made of silver, brass and aluminum,” he added.

He said that the Chief District Officer, District Police Chief and others were informed about the discovery of the idol.

“According to the prevailing rules, we will call Chief District Officer and hand over the idol soon,” Khan said. “Immediately, the idol of Lord Shiva is kept in the local temple for security.”

The statue was found on Sunday evening. Dhawal Shamsher Jabra, ward chairman of ward no 7(Jamun Khan) and locals placed that idol in the Ram Janaki temple of that area. After placing the idol in the temple, a crowd of people started coming to visit it, Ward Chairman Khan added.

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