Know everything about Rudarksha.

Know everything about Rudarksha.

Astrology has provided various ways to escape from the ominous planet. There are various options including offering peace and giving alms, wearing different types of gems, wearing Rudraksha. In the scriptures, Rudraksha is also described as a very sacred and invaluable gem to be free from planetary defects. It will be beneficial to wear Rudraksha according to the planet Gochar. The concept of Rudraksha will also get rid of various complex problems.

Which Rudraksha is suitable for which planet?

1. Surya – It is beneficial to have one-sided Rudraksha to get rid of the sun’s guilt.
2. Moon – It is suitable to wear two-faced Rudraksha to get rid of lunar defects
3. Mars – It is beneficial to wear three-faced Rudraksha or eleven-faced Rudraksha to get rid of the guilt of Mars.
4. Mercury- It is considered appropriate to wear four-faced Rudraksha to get rid of Mercury’s guilt.
5. Guru – It is mentioned that one should wear five-faced or ten-faced Rudraksha to get rid of Guru’s guilt.
6. Venus – In order to get rid of the guilt of Venus, it is said that one should have six-faced or thirteen-faced Rudraksha.
7. Saturn – To get rid of Saturn’s guilt, one has to wear seven-faced or four-faced Rudraksha.
8. Rahu – It is considered beneficial to wear eight-faced Rudraksha to get rid of Rahu’s guilt.
9. Ketu – It is said that one should wear nine-faced Rudraksha to get rid of Ketu’s guilt.

Which Rudraksha to wear in which yog?
1. Kalsarpa yog- eight and nine mouth rudraksha black thread to wear on Wednesday or Saturday.
2. Shakat Yog- Two or ten-faced Rudraksha in white or yellow thread and worn on Monday or Thursday.
3. Kemdrum Yog – Wear double-faced Rudraksha on white thread on Monday.
4. Eclipse Yog – For eclipse yoga formed by the influence of the sun, one, eight or nine-faced Rudraksha should be worn on a red thread and worn on Sunday. To avoid the effects of lunar eclipses, two, eight or nine-faced rudraksha should be made of white thread and worn on Monday.
5. To get rid of the guilt of Mars, one should wear eleven-faced rudraksha on red thread and wear it on Tuesday.

How to wear Rudraksha?

Some process has to be completed before wearing Rudraksha. If the process is not completed, the fruit will not be obtained due to wearing Rudraksha. First of all, before wearing Rudraksha, anoint with Rudraksha water. Then he should be anointed with Panchamrit and bathed in pure water again. After that, Panchopachar of Rudraksha should be worshiped and offered to Shivalinga.

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