Why do we call ourselves Hindu? if word “Hindu” is nowhere in Vedas, How did it originate ?

1. Pls Remember Below Concept
“In Old Persian “S” was a rare Sound, Foreign S pronounced as ‘H’,  ‘P’ as ‘F’ after Arabic Invasion” Example: 7 (सप्त SAPTA) -> HAPTA in Persian -> HAFTA (हफ़्ता) (after Arabic Invasion)-> WEEK (हफ़्ता).  But How is it Linked to Word HINDU?

2. RIG VEDA – 1.35.8 Mentions Sun Rays Falling on सप्त सिंधु which meant 7 Oceans, as Sanatan Dharma was spread all Over the World.

  • -Arctic Ocean
  • -North Atlantic Ocean
  • -South Atlantic Ocean
  • -Indian Ocean
  • -North Pacific Ocean
  • -South Pacific Ocean
  • -Antarctic Ocean

3. However, over period, SAPTA SINDHU Was construed by Our Neigbhours as land of 7 Rivers Rig-7 Rivers -INDUS, Vitasta (Vehit/Jhelum), Asikni (Chenab), Prusni/Eravati (Ravi), Vipasha (Beas), Sutudri (Sutlej) and Saraswati (which dried up) .4. First Let’s Look at World Geography
PERSIA (Modern Day IRAN) was a Neighbour of Ancient Undivided India- BharatVarsha Zoroastrianism dating back to Atleast 6th Century BCE was the Religion of PARSIS. Main Religious Book is ZEND AVESTA And Major Spirit Worshipped- Ahura Mazda .

5. For Our Western Neighbours PERSIA (Iran) Mega River SINDU was a Geographical Barrier.

6. ZEND AVESTA- 19(72)- (Out of 16 Lands mentioned ) The Fifteenth of the good lands and Countries which I , AHURA MAZDA (Major Spirit) created, was the Seven Rivers ( Hapta Hindu from Sapta Sindu).

7. SINDH was Referred to as HIND in Persian. 633 AD – 656 AD Arabs invaded Persia and also adopted name HIND and in 8th Century Sindh Was Captured from Raja Dahir by Bin Qasim . Before 12th century Invaders Sindh Islamic Rule was Limited to Sindh and parts of Multan

8. AL-HIND in Arabic = “the HIND”
Scholars accompanying Invaders Studied Indian Texts available in Sindh/Multan &published. e.g:- AL Biruni (10-11 Cent): Tarikh Al-HIND (History Chronlogy of HIND) Al-Khwarizmi (9th Cent) kitāb al-ḥisāb Al-HINDI (Book of Indian Computation)

9. Delhi Sultanate & Mughals main language was Persian. They Referred Indian Natives as Hindus, and also as Kaf!rs. In Persian Dictionary Alterations were done by Invaders to Translate Word “Hindu” as – Slave, Dark Or Thief – as derogatory.

10. In Persian “-stan” after vowel (i/e) means “a place abounding in something”. It may be a derivative from स्थान similarly Pakistan, Afghanistan. So Comes Hinduistan Or Hindustan. Mughals Identified all Native Non Muslims as HINDUS. All SIKHS were Known as HINDUS.

11. In JahangirNama where 5th Sikh Guru, Sh Arjan Dev ji is referred to as Hindus. Sikhs were the Martial Race created by Sikh Gurus from Hindus Only Saints like Vidyapati , Kabir, Eknath (from 14th to 16th Centuries) used Hindu Dharma Vs Turaka Dharma (Inhabitants Vs Invaders)12. Till 18th Century- British Asiatic Society (18th Century) Just Identified 2 Religions in India Islam (Mohamedans) & Hinduism (Hindoos) DIVIDE & RULE: BUT In the 19th Century Census – British Divided Hindus into Hindus/Sikhs/Jains/Buddhishts . We are All One !13. Due to extreme Persecution by Mughals and British to preserve identity Hinduism was adopted and Vedic Sanatan Dharma Identity forgotten Later Savarkar Defined Hinduvta and Being Hindu .14. HINDU is just a Name Given to us by OTHERS
We all Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists are Sanatanis following Sanatan Dharma. EVEN INDIAN CONSTITUTION SAYS HINDUS ARE ONE (Art 25.2.B)- SANATANIS .15. British Promoted URDU/Persian as 2nd Official Lang after English
Hindi is an outcome of Prakrit (Apbhranshas- mispronounced Sanskrit) “Delhi Dialect” from Avadhi, Braj, Bhojpuri also influenced Growth of HINDI. HINDI in 19th/20th Century was Heavily Urdu in Devnagri Script .

16. We r Emotional on the word HINDU: But show me 1 HINDU word in

  • •Itihaas-Ramayan/Mahabharat
  • •Manusmriti
  • •4 Vedas
  • •And Bhagvad Gita

There is None. We must accept, it was a later addition Reasons we can Debate. We all are followers of Sanatan Dharma.

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