5 things not to do on Thursday

5 things not to do on Thursday

According to astrology, worshiping Jupiter on Thursdays is believed to bring happy family life, education, knowledge and wealth. According to the scriptures, some works are forbidden on Thursdays. There are some things that are not considered appropriate for Jupiter to do on Thursday.

How can you make your thursday a good day?

  • 1. Before the sun rises, purify yourself and give pure cow ghee to Lord Vishnu.
  • 2. Apply saffron or turmeric paste on the forehead.
  • 3. Donate the yellow item.
  • 4. Offer a yellow laddu to Lord Shiva.
  • 5. Worship the banana tree and offer a yellow dish or fruit on the offering.
  • 6. Donate a banana.

Five things not to do on a Thursday
Thursday is considered a religious day. Thursday, the day of Jupiter, the guru of the nine planets in the universe, is considered religiously important. It is believed that the fruits of the religious work done on Thursday will be reaped immediately. But some work is prohibited on Thursday.

1. Hair should not be washed: The scriptures mention that hair should not be washed on Thursday. Especially women are considered unlucky to wash their hair on Thursday. Since Jupiter is a husband in a woman’s horoscope, it is considered bad to bathe her hair on this day. It is mentioned in the scriptures that bathing one’s hair on Thursday is bad for one’s husband and children.

2. Hair should not be cut: It is considered unlucky to cut hair or beard on Thursday. Jupiter is called life. Jupiter is said to be weak when hair is cut on Thursday. It is mentioned in the scriptures that doing so will affect the head and even reduce the age.

3. Shaving or cutting nails: Cutting nails and shaving on Thursday is considered inauspicious. It is mentioned in the scriptures that doing such work on Thursday will cause problems in the job and even decrease instead of promotion. Never wash your hair, clean your clothes, cut your beard, cut your hair, cut your facial, or your nails on Thursdays. Similarly, it is better not to clean the house and remove the spider web on Thursday.

4. Don’t wash and dirty heavy clothes: Washing heavy clothes on Thursdays is not considered good. Washing big clothes on Thursdays is considered unlucky. Throwing out the garbage in the house on Thursday is also considered bad. It is considered unlucky to throw out the garbage in the house on Thursday. It is better not to clean the house on Thursday as much as possible.

5. It is not considered good to worship only Lakshmi: Thursday is considered as Lakshmi Narayan’s day. Lakshmi should not be worshiped only on this day. When worshiping, it is better to worship Lakshmi Narayan. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that the relationship between husband and wife will be better.

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