Worship the nine planets with these mantras,

Every human being in life is surrounded by some kind of problem due to planetary defects but if the planets are taken care of in the right way then your planet can also be made beneficial by making it suitable. Here is the special information of all the planet related mantras from which you can get everything in life by worshiping the planet.

If you want to make life happy, chant these mantras of Navagraha.

  • Surya Mantra: Om hrin hron suryay nam :.
  • Chandra mantra: Om aim klim somaya namaha
  • Mangal Mantra: Om Hoon Shri Mangalaya Namaha
  • Budha Mantra: Om Aaye Shree Shree Budhaya Namaha
  • Brhaspati Mantra: Om hrim klim hoon brihaspatye namaha.
  • Shukra Mantra: Om Hrim Shreem Shukraya Namaha.
  • Shani Mantra: Om aim hrim shrim shanaischaraya namaha
  • Rahu Mantra: Om aim hrim rahave namaha
  • Ketu Mantra: Om hrim aim ketave namaha

Worshiping the nine planets with these mantras brings happiness and peace in life and the planet gods will be pleased and provide wealth, happiness and longevity.

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