Follow these 11 rules to become rich.

Hindu philosophy and Vastu Shastra have made some arrangements that can make your life move forward smoothly and systematically. Astrology and architecture have claimed that the work done on defecation, bar, planet etc. will be successful. Here are some key pointers in moving your work forward.

1. Sitting or placing files in corner will reduce its value to zero.

2. Never start a new job on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The work done after 11 a.m. on Wednesday and Friday will be successful.

3. Removing Agni related objects from the north and east and placing them in the south (east) corner will fix almost all the household chores.

4. Building a kitchen in the southeast corner will almost always bring health and financial benefits.

5. Always sleep with your head facing south. Sleeping with your feet facing south or at the door will always be useless.

6. If you want special benefits, sleep with your foot on the side of the west wall.

7. There should be no windows, doors or openings behind you. Having a back wall will give you courage and support.

8. If you urinate, face north or south, you will also get divine help.

9. Living in the south-east angle will increase the value (respect and prestige).

10. Increasing the height by placing pipes, poles or bamboo in the southern part will also bring good results in the house.

11. Giving sugar (water, sugar (rice) or oil to the peepal tree on Saturday brings money.

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