Don’t buy anthing Made of these 5 metals.

Don’t buy these 5 things in Dhanteras, it is considered very ominous

Diwali of the year 2020 is coming and Dhanteras is also coming before Diwali. This year Dhanteras is coming on 13th November. These days, people all over the country shop, buy jewelry, buy household items. Well, most women buy what they need or what is not available at home.

Shopping on this auspicious day is a good thing but there are some things not to buy in Dhanteras. Today we are going to talk to you about the things that should not be bought on the day of Dhantres.

Iron thing:
According to Vastu Shastra, one should not buy anything made of iron on the day of Dhantres. Buying iron on this day is considered very unlucky, it makes life negative.

Do not buy anything made of glass on this day, as glass belongs to Rahu and Rahu is considered an auspicious planet, so do not buy glassware to avoid the ill effects of planetary constellations.

Aluminum is also believed to be associated with Rahu. This is because things made of this metal are not used in any worship text. Also, cooking in aluminum containers is harmful.

Black things:
It is known that black is considered inauspicious in Hinduism, wearing black clothes is forbidden to go to any auspicious occasion, so do not buy any kind of black goods in Dhanteras.

No one should buy things like oil and ghee on Dhanteras day, buy one day in advance so that you can light a lamp on Dhanteras day.

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