“Cuckoos, Crows and Parrots”

Cuckoo: Cuckoo attracts everyone by making a melodious sound. When the cuckoo begins to make its melodious sound, then every nature lover is enchanted in his own world. It is thought that, in the Dwapar era Shree Krishna also attracted the whole world to the rhythm of his flute. Just like the melodious sound of a cuckoo is attracting me now.

Crow: I don’t want to say too much about crows, and it’s true that if crows sit in one place for a while and make their voices heard, someone will come and chase them.

Parrot: Parrots are loved by everyone. They repeat what they have heard. But it is imprisoned in a cage.Cuckoos and crows both make sounds, but what do they have in common? That both of them are open in the sky. The exact opposite of the Parrot. isn’t it..? yes it is. The essence of the story: Just as a Cuckoo and a crow fly in the same sky, But the sound of a Cuckoo is called a melodious sound while the sound of a Crow is called a noise. The Parrot is imprisoned in a cage for obeying the orders of others without thinking of good or bad.

Whether you are good or bad but if you have obeyed the orders of others, You are under within someone’s boundaries just like a parrot is in a cage. Now the decision is yours. To become a independently Cuckoo or a Crow or a Parrot by always listening to others.

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