According to astrology, do these 4 actions on Wednesday, destiny will open

In Hinduism, Wednesday is considered the day of Shri Ganesh. Shri Ganesh is called the God of knowledge and good fortune. Ganesha removes all the problems in the life of the devotees. For this reason, Ganapati Bappa is also called Vighnaharta. Ganesha is worshiped first in every action. It is believed that this will not interfere with any work. Lord Ganesha has a method of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. Some of the ways to get the grace of Lord Ganesha are mentioned in Astrology.

1. In order to please Shri Ganesh, one should recite Ganesh Atharvashish on Wednesday. Wake up early in the morning, take a bath on Wednesday, worship Ganesha and recite Atharva. Doing so will take away all the pain in your life. Ganesh ji likes this lesson very much. If you have any worries in your life, definitely recite Ganesh Atharvashish. 2. On Wednesday, boil a quarter of the mung bean dal and mix ghee and sugar in it and feed it to the cow. Doing so will eliminate debt problems. Do this regularly.

3. Mr. Ganesh likes Dubo and Modak very much. Therefore, dubo and modak or laddu can be dedicated to Ganesha. Nectar has the same properties in dubo. If for some reason you can’t offer Modak to Lord Ganesha, you can also offer Laddu. By offering these things, Ganesh ji is easily pleased with his devotees. 4. Donate some money to a poor person on Wednesday. By doing this, you will not run out of money in your life.

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