Why is the mouse (मूषक) the Vahana of Ganesh.

Once all the Devtas and rishis had assembled in Amravati. Gandharvaraj Krounch too was present there. But unfortunately, he had to leave for some important work.

He took the permission of Indra and as he was leaving his leg happened to touch that of Muni Vamdev. This made the muni very angry and he immediately cursed him and said that he would become a mouse.

The Gandharva was very frightened. He pleaded and begged to the muni to take back his words. But the muni now although pacified by the pleadings, could not do so. As a concession, the muni declared that Gandharva will remain a mouse but he shall become the Vahan or carrier of Gajanan Ganesh Bhagwan.

Soon the Gandharva found himself transformed into a mouse and he landed at Parashar ashram. He was huge in size and soon he started ransacking the whole ashram. He would eat everything, fell down the trees, tear away the clothes.

This angered the ashram people but Parashar muni was against the killings. Finally, the muni prayed to Bhagwan Gajanan for help. Gajanan then threw a long noose in the hole and drew it out. The grip of the noose was very strong although it was thrown from heaven a strong Gajanan pulled him out easily.

When the mouse was released he realized where he was and who had pulled him out. He was enlightened at that moment. Vamdev’s words and curse played in his ears. From that time he was the Vahan of Ganpati.

Read also: 5 interesting facts about Lord Shiva, which will make you his devotee and fan forever. Of all God in Hindu Religion, Lord Shiva is the coolest one, apart from being simplest, and most powerful.

In fact, his personality, describes nothing, sort of a Superhero, who knows, what he is doing. Here are 5, interesting facts about, Lord Shiva which will, make you his devotee, and fan forever. Before we start, let me throw a short disclaimer.

All the information, here is based on, articles published online, and Hindu mythology, which does not intend to, harm anyone’s religious faiths, and beliefs.

Now let’s begin.
1. Lord Shiva, is the simplest, of all lords. He can fulfill, any wish of his devotee. That’s why, he is known as, Bholenath. His devotees include kings, slaves, demons, Tantrik, Ahghooris. Well anyone can, worship him at any time. No restrictions at all.

2. He has compassion, for all beings, including animals. This is why he is called Pashupati Nath.

3. He smokes pot and doesn’t mind if, his devotee does the same. From ashes of dead bodies to weed, one can offer him anything. Furthermore, tantric sees him as, the god of se’x. He is okay with, everything.

4. Though he is most powerful, and called as, destroyer, he rarely gets angry. Scriptures say, last such occasion came, when his beloved wife died. Well, he is not only a powerful, quiet and simple God, but also, a devoted husband who loved his wife, as no one else, in this universe.

5 . Lord Shiva, always stayed in the shadows, while his wife is, worshiped as Shakti, Durga. All symbolizing, women’s power. These are enough reasons, not only to become a Shiva devotee but also, a fan of Lord Shiva.

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