The structure of the temple was found while digging the foundation.

The structure of the temple has been found on the encroaching public land in the Tindhara area on the border of Banepa Municipality Ward No. 5 and 7. The Municipality and the Department of Archeology have started the search for the site after a man dug a tent to build a tent by encroaching on the vacant public land in Tindhara. After finding Basaha (Nandi) a year ago, the locals had stopped the construction work and called for further search. Local senior citizens have said that there is a temple of Taleju Bhavani in the place. Ward Chairman of Municipality No. 7 Varna Shakya said that the structure found there was some restoration or chowk in the area. Ward Chairman Shakya informed that the search for the temple has been started saying that the subject of the temple was mentioned in the palm leaf in the Guthi of the Shakyas.

The area was left as public land due to uncertainty over the structure. But locals say that they have been suffering from encroachment for a long time. However, after the structure of the temple was found recently, the construction was stopped and the search for its historicity and cultural significance was started, said Ward Chairman Shakya. During the search, a lunar structure was also found in Bahal’s Chowk. According to Shakya, the Taleju temple in Banepa is nowhere to be found. He said that it was estimated that the temple was similar to Taleju on the basis that the elders had confirmed that there was a Taleju temple in this place. Representatives of the Department of Archeology have now arrived in the area for the study.

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