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Don’t do these things on the day of Lakshmi Pooja.

Don’t do these things  on the day of Lakshmi Puja, otherwise Lakshmi will get angry

Every year, on the evening of the third day of Yamapanchak, the goddess of wealth, riches and prosperity is worshiped.

It is believed that Lakshmi, also known as the Goddess of Wealth, will be worshiped at home on this day. On this day, windows, doors, roofs, rooms, balconies and floors are cleaned and covered. While worshiping Lakshmi, the house is cleaned and covered with cow dung.

Since Lakshmi resides on this day, Lakshmi is worshiped with reverence and devotion. People use various methods to make Goddess Lakshmi happy on this day. But according to Hindu scriptures, these mistakes should not be made while worshiping Lakshmi to achieve wealth and prosperity.

According to Hindu scriptures, the broom used to clean the house is considered a symbol of Lakshmi. So on this day, you should not put the broom on the roof of the house.

If broom is placed on the roof of the house on the night of Lakshmi Pooja, theft can take place in the house. Don’t sleep until sunrise on this day. It is said in the scriptures that Lakshmi gets angry when you sleep till late.

Similarly, you should not sleep in the evening. It is said that sleeping in the evening will cause various harms. On this day, the house should be cleaned.

The scriptures say that if we do not keep the house clean on this day, Lakshmi will be angry and will not stay. You should not fight like at home on this day.

Every conversation should be considered. On this day, while worshiping Lakshmi, broom should also be worshiped close by. It is also considered good to buy a broom on this day.

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