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Those who do these 6 things do not get along with mother Lakshmi

Their grace should cannot be obtained only by worshiping any deity. For that, we need to understand what to do and what not to do. There is a verse in the Hindu scripture Mahabharata which says that Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, gets angry when she does something. That verse mentions six things that cause misery, unrest, and poverty in the home. Let’s see what Laxmi Mata gets angry about

  • – Yawning is a sign of inactivity. Because of this, Lakshmi’s grace is not found.
  • – Sleeping too long is a waste of precious time. It can also cause poverty. So for good health, you need to sleep at the right time.
  • – Anger causes unrest in a person’s mind and brain and the work done by a restless mind is never done properly. Anger also affects family and social relationships.
  • – Laziness is the biggest obstacle on the path to success. If you want success and prosperity, you must first give up laziness. Only when laziness is away can any work be done and mother Lakshmi is also happy.
  • – The habit of doing work in fear is harmful. Because of this, success is difficult again. Fear lowers your self-confidence and breaks your willpower.
  • – It is not a good habit to make excuses even to do necessary work. And one does not become rich without completing the work.

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According to Hinduism, worship of Lord Ganesha is performed on Tuesdays. On this day Kali Mata, Durga Mata and Hanuman are also worshiped. Do not eat breakfast while fasting on this day and do not add salt to your evening meal. The fast of Tuesday is considered to be the best for attaining all kinds of happiness, alleviating blood disorders, suppressing enemies, protecting health and having a son. It is considered good to start this fast from the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha. It is customary to observe this fast for at least 21 Tuesdays, but it is better to observe it for the rest of one’s life.

If you have to eat wheat and sugarcane during the fast on Tuesday, you have to wear red clothes. The unlucky fruit of Mars is also calmed by the fast of Tuesday. While worshiping Lord Ganesha on Tuesday, one should chant the mantra ‘Om Bhoomaya Namah’. Red flowers, fruits, copper, coconut, etc. should be donated during worship. In addition, Tuesday is considered the best day to worship Hanuman ji. Hanuman is actually the god of evil. Hanuman is called ‘Sarvagrahavinashine’ and ‘Rakshovidyavanshakarkaye’. Hanuman is said to be the strongest of all the planets in religious and mythological stories.

Hanuman is considered to be the deity of a steady heart. Hanuman is also known as a yogi or a sadhu who has remained unmarried all his life and has attained Brahmacharya. In the fasting story of Tuesday, it is mentioned in the religious story that a Brahmin got a son named ‘Mangal’ because he worshiped Hanuman.

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