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People who have mole in these parts of the body are very lucky

People who have mole in these parts of the body are very lucky

Kothi/Til (mole) is the sign of any kind of birth or life span in the body. The branch of Indian astrology in oceanography analyzes the future of a person on the basis of the sign in the body.

This sign found in the body says a lot about our future and character. Often the room comes out over time and someone disappears. Today we will show you what kind of room in which part of the body.

The mole tells a lot about all kinds of physical, financial and character. The mole also adds to the beauty of the person. If there is mole in the body, people are curious about its fruit. Let’s find out now.

Mole on the head: The mole at the top of the head is visible only when the hair is shaved. If there is a mole on the right side of the head, then such people are successful in politics.

If the mole is red and green, such a person becomes a leader. They will achieve the highest success in the community and in business. Such people are also prestigious in the society. If the mole is on the left side of the head, such people do not have enough money. Usually such people do not get married and spend their lives wandering around.

Such ones lead a spiritual life and are interested in literature. If there is a mole at the back of the head, it shows the weakness of the woman. Such men are very close to their women. These people make a lot of money, but they do not have a good reputation in the community.

Mole on the forehead: The mole in the middle of the forehead is a sign of pure love. If the forehead is large and has a mole to its right, it indicates wealth. Such individuals are considered to be the richest and most respected people in the community. These people also help others and have faith in God.

The mole on the right side of the forehead signifies mastery of a particular subject, while the mole on the left is a symbol of extravagance. Because such people are selfish, no one helps or counts them. There is another opinion about the mole at the top of the forehead. The mole on the top right of the forehead is wealth-enhancing, while the mole on the left is indicative of a depressing life.

Eyebrow mole: If there is mole in both eyebrows, such a person is traveling a lot. If there is mole in the middle of the eyebrows, such people have the ability to lead. They make a name for themselves in the community. The right eyebrow is a sign of happiness and the left eye is a sign of a sad married life. People with mole in the right eyebrow get married soon to a good woman. Those people are lucky after marriage. It is better for such men to invest in the name of their women.

Mole inside the pupil of the eye: If there is mole inside the pupil of the right eye, the person’s thoughts are high. People who have mole in the pupil of the eye are usually emotional.

Mole in the eyelids: People who have mole in the eyelids are sensitive. People who have mole in the left eyelid are more sensitive than the right eyelid.

Mole in the eyes: Mole in the right eye indicates a good relationship with the spouse. The right eye mole says that money can be made easily. Because of good luck, such people make money even if they don’t work.

The mole in the left eye indicates fluctuations in the relationship with the spouse. Such people even have secret relationships with other women.

Mole in the ear: If there is mole in any part of the ear, such people earn well and their lifestyle is grand. Such people spend money blindly. If there is a mole behind the ears, such people take great care of the rituals. He gets a wife from a high family.

Mole in the nose: If there is room in the nose, the person is quick to think and quick to get angry. Such people have high self-esteem. If there is a mole on the right side of the nose, he says that he can earn a lot of money even with a little effort. The mole on the left side of the nose indicates that a high-ranking person is involved in sex work.

Mole on the lips: People who have mole on the upper part of the lips are very loving. But such people are addicted to luxury goods and women. The person with mole in the lower part of the lip prefers sweet food. Such a person is also interested in acting and theater.

Mole around the mouth: The mole around the mouth is an indicator that both men and women are happy, prosperous and gentle. People who have mole in their mouth are lucky. His spouse is a gentle.

Mole on the cheeks: If you have a red mole on the cheeks, it is a sign of auspicious fruit. The person with mole on the right side of the cheek is very sensitive and has a lot of respect for the family. Such a person loves his wife and relatives very much.

Such a person lives a very happy and long life. The ones with mole on the left cheek show that they are introverted and angry. They have to face many struggles in life. But because of their children, they are happy in old age.

Mole on the tongue: Mole between the lips is an obstacle to education. Such people are hesitant to speak clearly and they also face many health problems.

On the tip of the lips: Even those who have moles can easily enchant people with their speech. Such people are intelligent and diplomats. Such people like sweet food and their children have a good future.

Throat: People who have a mole behind the throat are prone to anger. Usually such people are involved in anti-social activities. If there is a mole at the front of the neck, it introduces an artistic personality with a good voice. Such a man gets better after marriage.

Mole on the shoulder: People with mole on the right shoulder are strong and courageous who do not sleep without completing their work. Those who have a mole on the left shoulder tend to fight with others.

Mole on the right arm: People with a mole like this are distinguished and intelligent. People respect them.

Mole on the left arm: A person with moleon the left arm never hesitates to speak. Yes, it can sometimes affect your relationship.

Mole in the elbow: Mole in the elbow is an indicator of your knowledge.

Mole in hand: Those who have mole in hand are wise. If there is mole in the right hand, they are strong and if there is mole in the right hand, they are rich. A person with a mole in the left hand is expensive, while a person with a mole in the left is stingy.

Mole on the finger: Mole on the finger makes a person efficient, efficient and just.

Chest mole: It is considered auspicious to have a mole on the right side of the chest. Such men are lucky. Slackness persists. Having a mole on the left side of the chest can lead to non-cooperation from people. If there is mole in the middle of the chest, it is an indicator of a happy life. If a woman has a mole in her chest, she is said to be lucky.

Mole on feet: According to oceanography, those who have mole on their feet have to travel a lot. If someone has a mole on the right foot, such a person should struggle a little. Their money is spent on non-essential matters.

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