People born in these 3 yogs always have Lakshmi’s abode

People born in these 3 yogs always have Lakshmi’s abode

People struggle at every step of the way. Some people are born in such a planetary life and are living a comfortable Rajarshi life with all the comforts and conveniences in their life.

Such people are constantly receiving the full vision and grace of Dhanadrishtadi Mahalakshmi, Baladrishtadi Mahakali and Gyanadrishtadi Mahasaraswati. In the life of a person who has a combination of strength, intellect and Lakshmi, he is described as a powerful king in astrological theory.

People born in the kingdom have the responsibility of carrying out important functions of the kingdom. Even if a king is born only once in a century, even if he is born in Yagya, some of them will not be able to stop him.

King of Yog is Raaj Yog is duly explained in the perfect texts of astrology. In astrology, 32 types of Raja Yog are defined as powerful Yog. Usually these yogas are not found together in anyone’s kundali. If only five of the 32 types of Rajyogs are found in the Jataka’s horoscope, then the scripture states that Jatak Chakravarti is the world-conquering king.

Nichbhanga Raja Yog: Among the many effective Raja Yogs in the scriptures, Nichbhanga Raja Yog is also mentioned as a powerful yog. In Kali Yuga, people born in such yoga hold political and administrative positions. Ni Chabhang Raja is one of the yog planets that is formed from the planet. The realm of the planet achieves success and prestige.

Gajkesari Raja Yog – Gajkesari Yog, which is formed by the combination of Moon and Jupiter, is very powerful, especially in the center and the triangle. If the relationship of the Moon with Jupiter in the horoscope is visual or rational, then a powerful kingdom is formed. This type of yog is formed in the horoscope of most people. Especially such people are honored by the state.

Budhaditya Yog: When Sun and Mercury are together, Budhaditya Yog is formed. Such people tend to be as bright and powerful as the sun. Political life has also been very successful. If the lords of Lagna, Pancham and Navam are in each other’s house, then such a person will be worshiped by all and will be in a powerful position.

The kingdom is formed even when the auspicious planets are in the fifth, ninth and ninth senses. In another powerful kingdom, even when the Maharashi changes, the kingdom is formed. lIt is mentioned in the scriptures that such changes are very powerful. It has been mentioned that any person born in such a yagya is powerful and works for the benefit of all. Of the 32 types of yogas, one or more yogas have been created and generally a person works hard to achieve a life of complete happiness.

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