How to worship Mahakali and chant mantras on Friday?

Various forms of worship of the Goddess are performed on Fridays. How to worship Mahakali and chant mantras today, Friday? Learn some information about worship methods and mantras.

Worship method:

  • Mother Kali’s sadhana is also practiced by ascetics and tantrics. Devotees of Mother Kali believe that Mother Kali destroys time and provides salvation.
  • For Kali Upasana on Friday, place a clean and holy place on her picture or idol and wash it with water, put sesame seeds on the idol and offer flowers.
  • Sit and chant the mantra 108 times Om krin kalikayai namah and Om kapalinyai namah. And offer sacrifices according to your reverence and devotion.

Worship of Mahakali brings immediate benefits

  • Kali’s sadhana and upasana are considered to be very effective. Worship of Mother Kali is believed to give immediate results. It is believed that the life of those who believe and respect him will be very happy.

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