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Know! why Lord Shiva is worshiped on Mondays?

LSD: If you worship Bholenath with a sincere heart on Monday, then all the faults and troubles are removed. It is said that Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shankar on Monday fulfills all wishes. It is said that if Bhole Nath is worshiped with a sincere heart on Monday, then all faults and troubles are removed. Today we are going to tell you some solutions. It is believed that taking these remedies changes the fate.

Apart from this, the desire for employment and money is also fulfilled. Let us know what measures will have to be taken on Monday… On Monday, bathe the Shivling with water with a vow of resolve . Keep in mind that while chanting water, make sure to recite the mantra ‘Om Mahashivaya Somay Namah’. After bathing with water, offer cow’s milk on Bholenath .  It is believed that by doing this remedy all kinds of discord are eliminated.

After bathing the Shivling, apply red sandalwood on the Shivling . It is believed that applying Shivling on sandalwood brings rain of peace and happiness in life. If there is any problem related to job or business in your life, then offer honey stream to Lord Shiva on Monday. By doing this, every problem related to job or business is over. And finally accept the milk, honey offered to Lord Shiva as Charanamrita. Also, apply sandalwood and pray to Lord Shiva to fulfill your wish. By doing this, by the grace of Bholenath, all your wishes are gradually fulfilled.

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