Lord Hanuman

12 names of Hanuman ji which will free you from diseases if you chant them.

12 names of Hanuman ji which will free you from diseases if you chant them.

The wonderful and miraculous twelve names of Hanuman ji, by whose chanting all your sufferings, diseases, pains and distress will automatically be destroyed and all will be happy in life.

Hanuman gets pleased soon.

Hanuman is ajar-immortal. He blesses his devotees and takes all their agonizing troubles. He is also Mahavir and solves the problems of his devotees in every era. It is believed that Hanuman is such a deity who gets pleased immediately with a little prayer and worship. Tuesday and Saturday are the best days to worship Hanuman.

Every crisis takes place.

It is written in Hanuman Chalisa that the crisis is complete and all the pee which is Hanuman Balveera. Yes, this is the absolute truth. The ghost did not come near Mahavir when the name was heard. Yes, this is also a firm truth, just like the glory of the name Ram is considered incomparable. In the same way, the glory of Shri Hanuman’s name has also been considered infinitely fruitful.

If you want to get rid of your troubles, then know how to please Mahabali.

As it is written in the Ramcharit Manas that Kaliyuga is not only the name Adhara Sumari-Sumari male descended mercury and it is also believed that Hanuman is the most influential deity in Kalyuga. Only after hearing his name will you become all work.

Hanuman ji has got the blessing of Ashtasiddhis and Navnidhis due to his deep reverence for Lord Shri Ram. These are the same Ashtasiddhi and Nava Nidhi who work for the welfare of Hanuman worshipers in Kalyug. In the Kali-yuga, the twelve names of Rama devotee Hanuman i.e. the twelve names are remembered, then all the troubles, problems and illnesses take Hanuman. So let’s know about the glory of Hanuman ji’s names …               
1. हनुमान
2. अंजनीसुत
3. वायुपुत्र
4. महाबल
5. रामेष्ट
6. फाल्गुनसखा
7. पिंगाक्ष
8. अमितविक्रम
9. उदधिक्रमण
10. सीताशोकविनाशन
11. लक्षमणप्राणदाता
12. दशग्रीवदर्पहा

हनुमत द्वादश नाम स्तोत्र

हनुमानञ्जनीसूनुर्वायुपुत्रो महाबल:।
रामेष्ट: फाल्गुनसख: पिङ्गाक्षोऽमितविक्रम:।।
उदधिक्रमणश्चैव सीताशोकविनाशन:।
लक्ष्मणप्राणदाता च दशग्रीवस्य दर्पहा।।
एवं द्वादश नामानि कपीन्द्रस्य महात्मन:।
स्वापकाले प्रबोधे च यात्राकाले च य: पठेत्।।
तस्य सर्वभयं नास्ति रणे च विजयी भेवत्।
राजद्वारे गह्वरे च भयं नास्ति कदाचन।।
Hanumat Dwadash Naam Stotra

Hanumanjajanisunurvaiputro Mahabal:
Rameshta: Phalgunsukh: Pigakshoamitvikram:
Uddhikramanaschaiva SitaShokavinashan:
Lakshmanpranadata f Dasagrivasya darpaha.
And Dwadash Namani Kapindrasya Mahatman:
Swapkale Prabodhe f Yatrakale Cha Yaya: Pathet.
Tasya sarvabhaya nasti rane f victorious bhevat
Rajdwara Gahvare f Bhayan Nasti Kadachan.

By pronouncing these names of Mahabali Bajrang, your problems that have been going on for many years will disappear in a moment. …

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